2022 at IDIBELL

In 2022, we finally overcame the most severe part of the COVID-19 pandemic, which now seems distant for many. This milestone, which we must properly appreciate, would not have been possible without the effort, commitment, and dedication of all healthcare personnel and researchers. We have all tirelessly worked to advance biomedical research and tackle the unprecedented challenges posed by this health crisis.

This year has been intense and productive. For instance, 2022 has been an exceptional year in terms of the competitive projects we have received. Our community of researchers has obtained a record number of projects, both in terms of quantity and funding. In fact, looking at the past five years, we have doubled our capacity to attract competitive research funds, providing us with resources to drive high-impact research and improve people’s health, thus consolidating our project.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight our scientific output. I want to emphasize the 50% increase in the total number of publications in the last five years, demonstrating our capacity to generate quality knowledge. Even after the peak in publications in 2021 caused by the pandemic, the total number of publications in 2022 has not undergone significant variations. It is worth mentioning that the average impact factor of our articles has substantially increased from 5.51 to 8.74. Moreover, following the latest recommendations, an increasingly large number of these publications are available in open access, thereby facilitating the dissemination and progress of scientific knowledge.

I do not want to overlook the importance of organizational aspects. There have been key individuals within the institution who have left us, and we express our gratitude for their enthusiastic dedication and commitment. We also welcome the new individuals who are contributing their talent and energy to IDIBELL. Lastly, it is important to underline that the community has remained strong during the implementation of new management systems that now provide us with crucial information for decision-making, enabling comprehensive daily support for researchers.

All these advancements indicate that IDIBELL is growing in the field of biomedical research. As the General Director of this institute, I feel immensely proud of the progress and achievements our community has made during this period, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has made it possible.

At the same time, we continue working towards a better future. The efforts within the Biocluster strategic project, in collaboration with other institutions on the campus such as the Catalan Institute of Oncology, the Bellvitge University Hospital, and the University of Barcelona, as well as Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and the city councils of L’Hospitalet and Esplugues de Llobregat, give us a promising outlook. Additionally, the upcoming underground construction of the Granvia, already approved and recognized as of national interest, will increase collaboration opportunities, and provide us with more dedicated research spaces, further strengthening our goal of becoming a recognized reference in health sciences.

2022 has been a year of overcoming challenges, consolidation, and progress for IDIBELL. We all know that the advancements and achievements attained are the result of the collective work and commitment of our entire research community, and we should express our gratitude for it. I also extend my thanks to our collaborators, sponsors, and patients who, by placing their trust in us, drive us to continue working towards improving the health of everyone. I firmly believe that in the coming years, we will continue advancing and providing innovative solutions to the health challenges of our society.